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Workshops designed to help Self Employed Artists hone in on their skills and learn new tools to enhance their business



To help Self Employed Artists and Pre-Professionals hone in on their skills and learn new tools to enhance their business by providing education and resources to navigate Self Employement. Dance On Film being a core developement factor along portfolio management, financial aptitude and goal setting tools.


Equity in the creative industries

Advocating for fair wages for Dancers & Choreographers

Providing resources to navigate Self Employement


VOL. 1

Choreography by Shawn Bracke        Filmed by Miha Matevzic

VOL. 2

Choreography by Shawn Bracke        Filmed by Miha Matevzic

DANCE ON FILM is a major component of The Workshop Series. Training developed for Dancers who have a stage/live performance background. The transition into working in the Film Industry can feel intimidating and confusing, the skill set working alongside a camera is often not taught until booking a job on film. The Workshop Series' goal is to bridge that training gap for dancers to learn how to be confident in front of the camera past filming a drop in class video and learning the language that will be used on set with the Director, 1st AD and DOP.

in studio workshops

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THE WORKSHOP SERIES in studio workshops are designed for a group development exprerience to grow and learn from/alongside fellow participants.

The focus for each experience is dependant on the organizer/studio owner's preference.

Past WORKSHOP SERIES events have included:

- 1-3 hour interactive coaching presentation discussing: CV, Headshots, Demo reel, the casting process, how to network in the industry, how to use Social Media as a tool as a self employed artist and connecting with agents. 

- How to plan for your financial future as a Self Employed Artist. Breaking down what to expect with Taxes and preparing for HST, saving for retirement as a Self Employed artist and funding projects. Worksheets included.

-Audition Etiquette 101 and Casting protocols for commercials. Discussing what to expect when preparing, auditioning and the aftermath of an audition as well as breaking down what to expect in a Casting Room (different than an in person dance call audition). Mock auditions and castings included in this portion of workshops.

- Journaling tools to help develop a game plan to achieving goals. Writing exercises and worksheets to move step by step towards your goals.

- Branding and career identity tools to stay focussed on your path. Worksheets included .

- Guest Seminars and Q&A seminars with industry professionals

- Dance On Film workshops. Breaking down what to expect on set on a Commercial set as well as planning for Dance On Film development and marketing of a film. Experience working with camera included in this portion of workshops.



The Workshop Series was a whole package that came with expedited shipping: a refresher for my materials in need of an update, insight shared from leading industry professionals, and space/time dedicated to practicing and integrating the new information shared. This workshop removed many access barriers around studio space and equipment whilst creating a supportive environment as we all tested and trialled together as a community of learners. Leaving with new connections formed, questions to continue asking, and footage/material to mould into my own.


Movement Artist/Performer/Educator


The Workshop Series is a great way to explore being on camera in a safe environment. You receive feedback instantly and are given the space to make changes and implement them. Shawn is supportive and encouraging allowing every dancer to reach

their full potential, while also providing the necessary tools to be a successful dancer

in the industry!

Brooke Gilmour



WS Series Vol 1 by Shawn Backe exceeded my expectations. In a two-day workshop we dove into important topics such as headshots, demo reels, taxes, understanding how to work with agents and DOPs, etc! Moreover, not only did we obtain more tools and resources to navigate the Toronto dance scene, but also had important discussions about understanding dance through a business lens. As a dancer coming from abroad I am so grateful to come across artists who genuinely care about others in the field and who are willing to share their knowledge wholeheartedly.

Lorena Perez


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