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Workshops designed to help Self Employed Artists hone in on
their skills and learn new tools to enhance their business

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June 4th


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To register email:

3 Streams of sign up pricing

1 Regular Pricing: $82.00 (+HST)

2 Student Pricing: $77.00 (+HST) 

Must be currently in a Post Secondary or training

program, or graduate of 2023

3 Buddy Bundle: $145.00 (+HST)

Sign up with a friend and split this total

Payment accepted via E-transfer to email above

Contact with any questions and intended goals

when registering

Receive constructive feedback in a safe environment


Enhance your skill set on camera


Gain career perspective and advice

Hosted by Choreographer and Movement Director

Shawn Bracke

Dance On Film works in over 25 International Film Festivals including the Oscar Nominated HollyShorts

The Citadel

304 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A 3A4

Parking: street parking available

(free on Sundays)

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THE WORKSHOP SERIES VOL. 2 will focus on:

The Casting Process: different than in person dance auditions, a casting process is intimate and can feel intimidating as dancers are used to working as a collective or auditioning amongst others. WS Vol. 2 will focus on:

  • Learn the casting process for commercials, soc and small speaking roles for dancers with industry professional Sam Darius

  • Work through mock casting auditions and self tape basics

  • Do's and Do Not's of self tapes for dancers and how to submit correctly for online castings

Dance On Film: getting acquainted with the camera and learning how to interact with the camera in an authentic way:

  • Learn camera basics when working on set or on a creative

  • Understand language and the cues you'll be hearing on set

  • Learn Choreography from Shawn Bracke that will filmed 1X1 with the camera filmed by Miha Matevzic

  • Learn ways to interact with the camera through the Choreography and develop a performance quality on film

  • Film 1X1 improv takes to develop your own artistic voice with the camera and to build your portfolio



This workshop is catered to Professional and Pre-Professional dancers (dancers training in post secondary or training programs as well as Senior Competitive dancers)

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(general outline, subject to change):

10:15AM  Arrival

10:30AM-11:15AM  Guest Speaker Sam Darius

Discussion: the casting process, what to  expect and how to succeed in booking Dance, Acting roles through a self tape. Learn how to navigate booking various roles and delivering a solid package to casting. Followed by Q&A


11:15-11:45AM  Mock Casting practice and self tape basics


11:45-1:15PM  Choreography (warm up, learn choreography by Shawn Bracke and build intention with the camera)

On Camera language and basics. Q&A of how to navigate working with a Director vs DOP vs Producer on set


1:15-1:45PM  Break/Lunch


1:45PM-3:45PM  Block 1 of filming with Miha Matevzic

3:45-4:00PM  Break

4:00-6:30PM  Block 2 of filming with Miha Matevzic

6:30-6:45PM  Wrap up and Q&A

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If I sign up but then book a job or cannot attend can I receive a refund?

Refunds aren't offered for this Workshop, however you can transfer your registration over to another person and simply notify the WS email.


Can I get a receipt for Tax Purposes?

Yes! Simply ask for a receipt upon registration and the receipt will be sent out within 3 business days following the event.


When do I receive footage from the shoot?

Footage will be sent out within 3-5 business days of the event. Footage is raw and unedited so dancers can use for their porftolio/reel.

Any questions not listed? GIve an email with your question to:

WORKSHOP SERIES (980 × 800 px) 3.png
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